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Only current students of Shaftesbury School in Dorset in years 9-13.

Normally funding applications would be initiated by parents or staff on behalf of their children or students.

The Trust funds up to £5000 in any given calendar year. Once the funding ceiling is reached for a given year no more funding applications will be accepted.

You can apply for funding for one student per year up to a maximum of £500.

We only match fund, which means that whatever you are requesting funding for must cost at least twice as much as the funding amount requested i.e. if you request £250 it must be to fund something that costs £500 or over, or if you request £500 it must be to fund something that costs £1000 or over.

Funding is paid when you upload a bona-fide invoice/receipt for what you have paid out and supply appropriate funding feedback data via the application process.

We only pay funding by cheque to a payee and address you provide.

Funding feedback is simply a way to feedback what the funding was used for.

The minumum requirement is to upload a photo and some description of what the funding was used for to justify the funding provided and to publicise 'what got done' on the site.

The photo may be of the student 'doing something' or of the equipment purchased or of a qualification certificate gained as a result fo the funding.  

Your funding feedback is used by the site to publicize the use of funding for public consumption to verify the Trust's activities and to help other potential funding applicants.

We do not publish your name or the recipient name or the amount of funding provided. We only publish what you provide as your feedback headline, description and photo.

You provide your email, phone amd mailing address as part of the funding application process - we call this your 'contact data'.

We only use your contact data to alert you by email to your application progress, to contact you by phone if there is a problem with your application and to pay you by cheque if your application is successful.

We do not publish any your contact data or knowingly make it available to any third party.

We do not send you marketing emails, newsletters or any other communication not directly linked to your funding application.

You can email the Trust using the contact form on the main site at

You can phone Stewart McKie with Trust-related queries on 01747 811778

Apply for funding by clicking the Apply for Funding button (top right on menu bar).

You will see a funding help screen with a button to display the Apply for Funding data-entry form.

You will be sent email alerts when the status of your funding application changes.

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